Welcome to Duluth Candy Co.

Formerly Fannie Rose Candy Shop

Our downtown location is currently closed, but you can still get our popcorn!
  • You can find our popcorn at any of these locations.
  • Online ordering is available for local pick-up (Noon-6pm, Monday-Friday) or shipped to your door

What is Gourmet Popcorn?

An excellent question! It starts with the kernel. Our mushrooming popcorn pops bigger, fluffier, and tastier than standard popcorn.

Next up – the seasoning. Each of our flavors is an exercise in handmade goodness. Starting with the highest quality ingredients, we spend hours perfecting recipes. That’s why every bite bursts with deliciousness.

Finally: We. Love. Popcorn.

The founders, Pat & Don, love popcorn. Our store manager, Holly, loves popcorn. And every single employee loves popcorn.

Our popcorn loving team tests every batch to ensure it’s the tastiest it can possibly be.

Try some today!

Check out our popcorn!