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Notes from the candy kitchen

Supporting the arts.

By January 20, 2023No Comments

Duluth Candy is a fan of theatre, in 2022 the store supported various projects in the area.  Boat Club Productions, Produced by Jason Vincent, featured plays such as Tuesday’s with Morrie, Nun Sense, and a Don’t Hug Me Christmas Carol.  Mandy Turpin productions shot 2 films in Duluth where the shop and products were featured in the romantic comedy Merry Kiss Cam.   While in town the cast and crew frequently stopped by to get some sweets, Katie Lowes even came in to say hi to Dave, what a treat!

In September Duluth hosted the Catalyst event that brought many people from the film, tv, and theatre industry to our community.  Duluth Candy is thrilled to have provided our custom popcorn to attendees.  The event lasted for 4 days and featured several work shops and seminars brought to you by industry insiders and new comers.