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Meet David & Tami

By January 31, 2022No Comments

It’s fun to see the road of life that led us to be the new owners of the Duluth Candy Company.  David has had a sweet tooth his whole life and is a chocolate connoisseur.  Tami is a little more of a salty girl and has loved the Duluth Mix popcorn since the first bite.

We just celebrated our 24th wedding anniversary and are the proud parents of 2 amazing sons that we raised in the beautiful city of Duluth.  David spent 20+ years working in the medical field and Tami was a hairstylist for many years before becoming a full-time event planner.

 2020 of course was a crazy year for everyone and led us to moving to Las Vegas (for 255 days) where David took a new job, but here’s the thing…. It turns out that we weren’t desert people.  As we had been talking it over we promised we would stick with our motto of life “Be open to possibilities”.  That is what led us to Vegas, and we hoped what would lead us back to Duluth again.  We missed our wonderful community of people, and we really missed the trees and of course the lake.

A dear friend kept us updated on things happening in Duluth and when we heard the news of the candy shop closing their doors at the end of December 2020, we were so sad.  Then a seed was planted that we should buy the candy company.  After a few phone calls we hopped on a plane in February during the polar vortex and flew to Minnesota.  We had the chance to tour the candy shop and cemented in our plan of wanting to buy the business and carry on the wonderful tradition that had been started. Later that afternoon we met with our realtor, viewed 4 different houses, put in an offer which was accepted later that night.  You see when we set our minds to something we work hard to make it happen.  2 days later we were back on a plane to Vegas, called our realtor and got our house on the market.  April 1st we hit the road again, and yes the cats had plenty to say about that.  May 1st we closed on the candy shop and June 1st was the grand opening.

 David is the Operations Wizard and Tami takes care of marketing, making lollipops, and adds some pretty touches to the shop.  We have been enjoying working with our team creating the original and new flavors of gourmet popcorn and other sweet delights.

We are so grateful for this amazing opportunity as small business owners and hope to be a part of the community we love for many years.