About Duluth Candy Co.

formerly Fannie Rose Candy Shop

Duluth Candy Co. is a locally owned and operated candy shop specializing in fresh, homemade gourmet popcorn. Located in the heart of historic downtown Duluth, Duluth Candy Co. allows easy access for a quick stop in your busy day. Along with our delicious popcorn, we carry truffles, fine chocolates, and much more. Whether you are looking for an individual snack or enough sweets to satisfy a large gathering, Duluth Candy Co. has you covered.

A Sweet Evolution

In 2020 Fannie Rose Candy Shop changed its name to Duluth Candy Co.

Superior and Lake 1920

Courtesy of Duluth News Tribune

Located in the Fannie Rose Building Duluth Candy Co. is nestled in Duluth’s historic downtown on Superior Street. This 1907 building is a beautiful structure that architects and entrepreneurs admire. The original foundation and slender cast-iron columns that were installed as the building’s support system more than a century ago remain stable and robust. Throughout the building’s history, businesses changed hands, faces, and names. In 1907, the upper portion of the building was called the Grant Hotel. According to the proprietors, the hotel had more than 33 rooms that shared two full baths. With claw-foot bathtubs and small square sinks, it was a crowded affair, yet well-established and successful.

In the 1920s, one of the lower storefronts was owned by Gus Saites, who began the original Coney Island restaurant. Coney Island served a delicious breakfast and lunch menu, including the famous homemade chili hotdog that was introduced to Duluth in 1921, until its closer in 2018.

Also on the main level was a business owned by Fannie Meyer Rose, who displayed gorgeous handmade hats for ladies. Large plumes, velvet ribbons, smart curves, and exquisite colors, Fannie found a market that appealed to the city. Although her storefront exhibited proper decorum and taste, a bustling bordello in the back generated a steady income that more than sustained Fannie’s lifestyle. Although Fannie eventually faded from Duluth, the Candy Company offers a sweet escape in this historic building.